So I plan to resume writing here. Moreover, I have an intention to do it regularly. There is of course procrastination, perfectionism and fear to expose too much of oneself.

Therefore, I decided to trick myself. You know, to get things flowing.

To get in the habit of writing regularly and in some way depersonalize it, I’m going to publish weekly linklists with all kinds of stuff I’ve been reading, watching, enjoying last week. Books/articles/videos that made me think, discover new perspectives and ideas, find better ways to be and wiser ways to relate to others.

So here we go. This is linklist #1.

Book I’ve finished reading

Show your work by Austin Kleon

Nice little book about being more open and transparent about whatever you’re working on. An easy read stuffed with a lot of actionable advice.


Book I’m reading

How to be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson

I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, but this book is a nice reminder to “chill the fuck out” and do things the way you want. Non-conformism 101, in a way.

I’m still half way through.


Music I’ve been enjoying.

I knew them before, but for some reason BOY has been on repeat last week. Here’s a live version of “Fear” and my favorite “We Were Here”.


Article I enjoyed

Stop saying ’sorry’ if you want to say thank you: A seriously insightful cartoon.

It does help to pause for a second to think about the ways we use those two words.


Blog I’ve been reading

Derek Sivers Blog

I’ve been a long time fan, especially of this particular piece. Derek’s recent interview with Tim Ferriss made me revisit it and it’s still as good.


Something to ponder

Excerpt from Derek Sivers’ book “Anything you want” made in the video.


There probably were plenty of other things I liked. But for the sake of exercise against overthinking, I’m going to leave it at that and press the “Publish” button (which I haven’t done in a while).