I recently got into habit of (almost) daily  journaling and the benefits are quite solid.

Journaling is a great way to prune the bullshit out of your life and pinpoint, catch, discover things that matter. Things that are truly yours and that belong in your life as well as habits, thought patterns that should be left behind.

You will notice these patterns fairly quickly. There’ll be things that constantly pop up and you’ll wonder how come you never noticed them before and fixed it yet.

This practice can lead to many small improvements and big leaps — try it even if you’ve never considered yourself a writer.

There are different ways to do that. I write in Ommwriter, in my moleskine and various other notebooks, in Drafts of my Gmail and even in Notes on my iPhone. The very act of putting ideas and thoughts on paper/screen make them real and solutions to current challenges tend to emerge easily.

It’s also a therapy in a way.

You see where the roadblocks are towards the things you want to pursue. You find conflicting goals and ideas. As you write, you also create important reference points for future review; I learned a lot from my own notes I took exactly year ago.

Day after day you clarify what you’re looking for or what you’re avoiding and generally start seeing your own mind more clearly. And then when you notice that one particular thought or idea comes up too often — now that is something to change or to focus on.

Personally, most important realization I’ve had is how important the time is. Every single thing that you have or that you want to have in your life cost time — hours, minutes of the day. It’s a universal currency, and yet we often waste it doing nonsense.