Author: Pavel

Interviews and behind the scenes of creative projects

I’ve always been by fascinated by behind the scenes of creative projects of any type, documentaries and interviews with artists. These days I normally consume it in a…

Serendipity, TEDx and Wait But Why: Linklist #2

Here comes linklist #2 — an eclectic mix of things I found interesting or inspiring.

Benefits of Journaling

I recently got into habit of (almost) daily journaling and the benefits are quite solid.

Linklist #1

So I plan to resume writing here. Moreover, I have an intention to do it regularly. There is of course procrastination, perfectionism and fear to expose too much of…


Future Of Creative Collaborations

I am super excited about the future of creative collaborations, especially in music. And if you are a musician or an artist of any kind — you should be too. Here’s why.


Grow Up and Get A Job — 5 Alternatives

“It is not necessary to accept the choices handed down to you by life as you know it.”  — H. Thompson Let’s face it. It’s boring to follow the…


How I Lived With Buddhist Monks

So I wanted to experience it from the inside. Expand my understanding and see if this philosophy is a good fit for me.